Mujeres y Hombres

That was really nice experience – to deliver these commission paintings to my friends, soon to be used in a place so important to me!

Centro Hípico Fin Del Mundo

Although now it is mostly about horses, dance was an important part of this place’s history. (If you ever have a chance, ask Laura or Adolfo to tell you more about it!) So here they are – the personalized unusual signs for a very usual matter – instead of symbolic ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ icons for restrooms. I decided to introduce some folklore to it. It only seemed appropriate for that place.

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Centro Hípico Fin del Mundo is where you can take a horse trip in the area of Ushuaia (daily trips of 2, 4 or 7 hours) and discover the coast of Beagle Channel or the top of Susana Mountain from totally new perspective. You may also go from there for longer holidays to Peninsula Mitre – which is a place even more unique. In the north-east part of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina there are dozens of miles of beaches that you can gallop through, or climb on the cliff and, while following your guide, let your horse to show its skills of passing safely difficult terrain of peat bogs.

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That incredible vast landscape of austere nature, nearly not touched by men, except few refuges, is inhabited among others by guanaco, red fox, condor and occasionally seal or even a penguin. But before you decide to visit that place, I must warn you, it already stole more than one heart!

You can read more about Centro Hípico Fin del Mundo here. Enjoy!

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