Not so long ago I was invited to take part in another group art show in Provincial Public Library in Cracow, dedicated to the poems from “Ballads and Romances” by Adam Mickiewicz. It was related to the event of National Reading Day in Poland, that took place on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022. I decided to […]

“Ice-birds” from Spitsbergen, “Monte Olivia” from Argentina (Ushuaia) and “Torres del Paine” from Chile – some of the most beautiful places on Earth that I was lucky enough to visit! Amazing memories of my previous adventures and big plans for future journeys at the same time, so there might be more and more paintings in […]

When I started working on this painting, it was supposed to be a commentary to the post-covid reality of “working from home” in the IT world. But after February 24, 2022 the second thought was increasingly associated with this image. I’m not saying what anyone should do. I realize there are some risks and dependencies […]

It is my very first painting completed in 2022. The Magic Tree. The Tree touched with gold, blooming and turning red at the same time, long-living, symbolizing the cycle: the ever-changing seasons, the growth, the life itself. Whatever visible, comes from the hidden roots. And people, part of the Nature, dependent on it and caring […]