Hello! my name is Karolina
and painting is my personal
journey around the world.

I would like to share with you the moments and emotions that I have experienced in recent years. I kindly invite you to my art world. Hope you enjoy!

If you are interested in my previous travels, you are welcome to visit also my personal blog

I love painting and travelling

They both are the most important ways of discovering the world to me. Traveling in particular gives me a chance to meet really amazing people who are the greatest treasure in my life. On the other hand, painting allows me to create other worlds or sometimes just stop the time…

I love mountains and oceans, adventure sailing and motorcycling, tennis, squash, horse riding and all kind of sports activities that bring me closer to nature and help me keep my mind fresh and open to new ideas. I enjoy reading books and listening to music, playing with my dogs and I am always ready to learn new things! I draw inspiration from my experiences and dreams, and you can find them in my paintings, often processed with my feelings and imagination.

art exhibitions

  • 2008, Cracow, Poland

    Students' art show at Cracow University of Technology

  • 2013, St. George’s, Grenada

    Group art show in Grenada Art Council

  • 2013, Grenada

    Group art show in Off the Wall Art Gallery

  • 2015, Helsingør, Denmark

    Guest of the month in Helsingør Kunstgalleri: Arctic - Afterimages

  • 2020, Cracow, Poland

    Individual art show: “Arktyka – Powidoki” in Provincial Public Library

  • 2021, Boxbrunn, Germany

    Individual art show during Summer Session Show

  • 2022, Cracow, Poland

    Group art show: „Jest w górach tyle piękna i w tylu postaciach, że trudno to wyrazić” in Provincial Public Library

  • 2022, Cracow, Poland

    Group art show: “To lubię” inspired by "Ballads and Romances" (by A. Mickiewicz) in Provincial Public Library

Photo of Pelican in Chile

If you are interested in bying any of my paintings, feel free to contact me directly