Self – Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a fascinating thing. Not only it forces us to face the reality and ‘the loss’ (the breakage) but together with our effort to heal it, it tells us how important and valuable it is in the process of our development as individuals. I love the idea to implement the art of Kintsugi to people’s lives, metaphorically speaking.

Why have I chosen to portray this idea with my own self? Because it is very close to my way of thinking. I strongly believe that we have the power to learn from the past. And although whatever happened, happened, it is up to us if it happened in vain. Or not. Even if it was painful, eventually it would give us a chance to become stronger, more aware, better…

On the other hand, I was surprised when I realized how little I know my own face! That was a challenge I am willing to repeat again and again – if I say that “painting is my personal journey around the World” (World as the Universe of things, experiences, ideas…) than painting self-portrait is like a journey inside myself. What is the better lesson?!

Me and Myself, 7 years apart!

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