bochenek painting double muted

Sorry, you are double muted

When I started working on this painting, it was supposed to be a commentary to the post-covid reality of “working from home” in the IT world. But after February 24, 2022 the second thought was increasingly associated with this image.

I’m not saying what anyone should do. I realize there are some risks and dependencies that I don’t even understand. But I also know how helpless I felt when I first heard from my Ukrainian friends about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014. The media spread information about it for a while, and then Europe began to forget. By 2022, no one believed any more that such a conventional war was possible in the “civilized world” of the 21st century.

And yet, in 2022, I feel as helpless as before.

How long will it take? Will there be more direct and indirect help from other countries to bring this war to an end quickly? The end of war, when Ukraine will still be a united and independent country? What will Russia’s war reparations to Ukraine be like? What will be the political and economic situation in Europe after the end of this war? How many people less to rebuild the country will be?

Many questions, many pleas for help… but as if muted, not fully audible, cause as we can see, the war is still going on. Day 235…

Double Muted Painting by Karolina Bochenek
Sorry, you are double muted

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