On the road again The first destination of our trip with the origin in Ushuaia, after crossing Andes and taking mandatory photos from the viewpoint Lago Escondido (from the lake that lies beneath), was obviously Peninsula Mitre. Although having a car instead of a horse give you only limited possibilities to discover this beautiful piece […]

I believe some journeys just do not end with the moment of coming back home. They last much longer, until one is finally ready to let it go. My sailing trip to Antarctica was one of those. Some friends were laughing for weeks later that my mind was still sailing somewhere far south. And they […]

It’s addictive. I wish I could but still don’t know how to paint this night dive experience. I was there, fifteen meters deep in the water, but somehow I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel at all where I was. I saw darkness and only little pieces of the space around me floodlit by […]

When I first came to Ushuaia at the end of October, I was worried that it would be a very long time to stay alone at the End of the World. But soon I realised I was never alone there and after two months, when I supposed to go to Antarctica and then back to Europe, I […]

They say the best way to learn something is to start teaching it! So here I am in Tierra del Fuego, learning spanish and history of Ushuaia and enjoying beautiful views around the town from the china (fem. gaucho) perspective while guiding cabalgatas. When I was first planning to stay here for two months break between my sailing trips, […]