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It supposed to be a comment to our pandemic reality – ‘work from home’ was a dream for many not so long ago. When forced upon everyone, it created new challenges as well as new possibilities…

I tried to reach back to Europe’s history and mythology to stir up the discussion on modern virtues and qualities, and confront it with the modern pop culture, tools we use and our daily experiences. What is important for us when communicating with others. What arguments and rhetoric we use. Is art of discourse still alive? Is ethic still possible in the ‘on-line world’? Can everyone’s voice be equally heard? A bitter remark on the quality of modern discussion.

But then, after February 24th, 2022, the beginning of full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine (although the Russian aggression started in 2014 already), I saw even more meaning in this. I see that politic is more important than humanity and decency, that doing what is good for you, is more important than doing what is right. And some voices are just not listened to, because to listen and to acknowledge them, would require giving up on profits, risking the fragile stability of some… How it even came to this situation? What has to change in all of us to start going in the good direction? The way we communicate is crucial in my opinion!