Where Heaven meets Earth

I had a chance to visit with my friends one of the most unique places on Earth: Peninsula Mitre on Tierra del Fuego (Patagonia, Argentina). You need a horse to go there as there are no roads, no paths even. Horses can find a safe passage between peat bogs on the cliffs. Sometimes you need to descend to the ocean’s shore, where you have to cross several rivers – but it’s possible only during low tide…

So there you are, riding to the end of the world, following the nature’s rhytm, occasionally meeting some guanaco, fox or lonely penguin… Finally arriving to tiny refuge house, making fire to cook some food and drink mate, taking care of the horses, dogs, and preparing for the next day of the travel east.

From this one short trip I was lucky to make, I remember silence (this kind of silence with the sound of the ocean and wind, but no thoughts nor voices), light, space and unbelievable reflections in the wet sand on the beaches. I hope I will be able to come back there again!